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radivoje korac radivoje korac radivoje korac
TV & Film

Ginger: More Than a Game

srb. Žućko: Priča o Radivoju Koraću

Gargantua Films Productions | Serbia, 2011

This semi-documentary biopic tells the life story of Yugoslavia’s most famous basketball player of the 1960s. The task was to provide sets that would evoke a nostalgic image of the past.

These sets represent my vision of a Belgian TV studio in 1968, a train station and a village house in occupied Yugoslavia in 1941.

  • Tags

    nenad markovic, radivoje korac, TV & Film

  • Date

    September, 2011

  • Director

    Gordan Matić

  • Production Design

    Nenad Marković, Sanela Spajić

  • Cinematography

    Dusan Ivanović

  • Produced by

    Re-Kreativno, Gargantua Films

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