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animals africa Animals of Africa

Animals of Africa

& the World of Dinosaurs

Natural History Center of Serbia | Svilajnac, 2016

Series of exhibitions that presented a rare collection of exhibits at the Natural History Center of Serbia in Svilajnac.
The exhibitions were a joint expression of myself and colleagues – Andreja Njezic (graphic design) and Dejan Vukadinovic (animal illustrations), portraying journey from prehistory to modern days.

  • Tags

    animals africa, exhibition design, nenad markovic

  • Date

    March, 2019

  • Client

    Natural History Center of Serbia, Svilajnac

  • Exhibition Design

    Nenad Marković

  • Graphic design

    Andreja Nježić

  • Illustrations

    Dejan Vukadinović

  • Curators

    Stefan Radević and Nikola Djurić

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